Texas Motor Press Association Micro Event
Lexus RC-F Fuji TxMPA Micro Event
Muddy truck tire.
Lexus RC-F Fuji Side Vent

What Do We Stand For?

Texas Motor Press Association (TxMPA) was founded on the philosophy of, "By journalists, for journalists."

TxMPA recognizes and embraces the fact that various facets of the automotive industry work together with journalists to create meaningful, insightful, and informed content that influences the public's buying decisions.

TxMPA does this in settings designed to evaluate various motorized vehicles, accouterments, parts, and accessories.  It provides opportunities for increasing the members' knowledge in order to educate the public about motorized transportation by researching, studying, evaluating, and testing for public safety. This is achieved by involving members in hands-on events.

We aim to host events that put focus front and center, in a way that proves fruitful for all attendees.

Texas Motor Press Association is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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Are You Ready to Join?

When you're ready to apply to become a Texas Motor Press Association member, head over to our Membership page to fill out an application.