2022 Texas Off-Road Invitational

Drive Days & Goals

During the day of drive time, TxMPA members will spend significant time in the vehicles of their choosing. Unlike other test drive events, during these days, members are encouraged to conduct interviews, film their drives, take photos, and do standups with the vehicles.

The goal of this event is to have members walking away at the end with weeks’ worth of footage, interviews, and pitches. OEMs are encouraged to bring engineers and product planners to the event to help facilitate deep dives for the journalist attendees.

Journalists who are not able to commit to coverage of the vehicles at the event are asked to not attend as the organization strives to have the largest return on investment for all attendees.

TxMPA will map and mark routes best suited for each vehicle.

Event Schedule

A proposed event schedule is pending.


TxMPA asks that all vehicles entered to attend the event be prepared to get dirty and conquer tougher terrain than you’ll find on any street. When the course is wet, the vehicles will end up extremely muddy.


A number of sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. Click here to learn more.


You probably have a few questions. We've anticipated some of them. Members, click here to learn more about the event. Automakers, click here for a set more tailored to your needs.

Event Date:

October, 2022