What is the Texas Off-Road Invitational?

The Texas Off-Road Invitational is a content generation event. The goal of the program is to present automotive journalists and content creators the opportunity to spend significant time with each test vehicle, with the specific purpose of creating content to post, pitch, sell and distribute in the form of stores, social media posts, videos, and photographs.

How will the event be run?

Attendees will arrive at Brazos Valley Off-Road Park in the afternoon of the first day. Once all automaker releases have been signed, vehicles and all trails, obstacles, campsites, cabins, and roads are open for content generation. The event will run throughout the following day without a mandatory break for lunch. Automaker personnel is responsible for deciding their own meal and drive breaks. Breakfast will be available at the hotels and lunch will be provided on-site..

How far is it from the hotel to the event site?

It takes 20-25 minutes to drive from the hotel to General Sam's Offroad Park.

What is for breakfast?

Breakfast will be available at your hotel. It is recommended that attendees BYO first coffee.

How will the journalist attendees get their content?

Brazos Valley Off-Road Park provides journalists and content creators the opportunity to create unique content in a number of challenging drive scenarios. There are also areas where photographs and videos can be staged, such as cabins, campsites, mud pits, a fording area, fields, trails, and a gravel road. There are also areas where journalists can sit and conduct interviews in the shade.

There will be on-road drive routes around the event site that will allow drivers to fully experience the drivability of each vehicle should they so choose.

Ideally, journalists will be leaving the event with weeks and months' worth of content about the vehicles and only thoughtfully mention the event along the way in event day coverage and social media posts.

To achieve maximum content generation value, TxMPA Is asking that each automaker have the expectation that their vehicles will not be subject to the quick turnover as achieved at other drive programs. Rather, the organization is encouraging attendees to get as much time as they require with different vehicles to create the best content. It is anticipated that this means 15-30 minutes per vehicle.

We will also have additional photographers and videographers capturing photos and b-roll of the event which will be made available to members.

Which automaker personnel will attend?

To do achieve the level of content generation event attendees are after, TxMPA has asked automakers to not send sales professionals to the event. The Texas Off-Road Invitational is more geared toward the roles of product communications professionals, product planners, regional communications staff, and engineers as subject matter experts. Automakers have also been asked to plan on not doing the usual ride-along routine that is typical with drive events but is welcome to ride and drive with the journalists. TxMPA requests that automakers gear their interactions at the event toward deeper product knowledge discussion rather than the cursory product overview typical of other organizations' drive events.

Who is the event open to?

The Texas Off-Road Invitational is only open to Texas Motor Press Association members and approved prospective members.

Journalists who are not able to commit to coverage of the vehicles at the event will be asked to not attend as the organization strives to have the largest return on investment for all attendees.

What should I wear?

Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and polo shirts are acceptable for all activities. Closed-toe shoes are required for media member attendees. Attendees should anticipate that the event activities will leave them with dirt and mud on their clothing.