It is the goal of TxMPA to make the Texas Off-Road Invitational as accessible to automakers as possible and keep costs at a minimum. Therefore we are able to charge much less than what other organizations charge for their events.

Entry Fees

Content Creation Vehicle Entry - $750/vehicle
Demonstration Vehicle Entry - $500/vehicle
Display Vehicle Entry - $500/vehicle

Content Creation UTV or ATV Entry  - $400/vehicle
Demonstration UTV or ATV Entry - $150/vehicle
Display UTV or ATV Entry - $150/vehicle

Description of Vehicle Categories

Content Creation - These vehicles are driven by journalists and can be used to film video, shoot photographs, register drive impressions, and test capabilities. The vehicles in this category are eligible for awards.

Demonstration - These vehicles are for showing off a particular technology or part in a very limited capacity. They may not be taken on the trails and are not eligible for awards.

Display - These vehicles cannot be driven and are not eligible for awards. These displays may not necessarily be static but they are not to be moved out of the designated display area.

To register a vehicle, please fill out the entry form below. 

Have questions? Check out our event FAQs, designed specifically for automakers. A modified version for member attendees is available here.